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Breastfeeding Nutrition with Freida’s Pantry

October 7, 2015 0

If you are breastfeeding your newborn, you will have been told numerous times that your diet and nutrition are as important as ever. You burn an additional 500 calories per day when you breastfeed, so it is important to keep your calorie intake up, but with the right foods.

As a new mum, you need a nutritious and balanced diet, but we all know how hard it is in those first few months to fit in time to make breakfast, let alone think about exciting things to cook and snack on. The guys at Freida’s Pantry make this a whole lot easier for you. 

With their bars, designed to give you all the nutrition you need during those breastfeeding months, Freida’s pantry have created tasty and nutritious snacks that you can devour in those precious few minutes you have spare. The bars have a flap-jack consistency and are full of healthy oats, nuts and seeds and taste good too! Packed with healthy fats, high in fibre and a great source of omega 3 and 6, the bars really are a convenient way to ensure you get all the goodness you and your baby need. You only need to eat one a day and you can pop one into your changing bag so you don’t forget.

Created by mums, for mums, you can read about Freida’s Pantry here.

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Freida’s Pantry have also created bars suitable for pre-pregnancy and during too. So you can ensure you get all the goodness you need throughout.

Have you tried the breastfeeding bars? What did you think?


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