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Gro Egg – Review

July 29, 2015 0

Something that many parents kept telling us to buy when we’d discuss essentials for our new baby, was a room thermometer. With the horrible subject of SIDS (cot death) on peoples’ minds and ensuring that baby is always at the optimum temperature, it definitely seemed like an essential purchase.

So I spent much of my maternity leave shopping online (or “nesting”, as I liked to call it), much to the horror of my husband, when all these parcels kept arriving each day. And a product that kept coming-up in search engines and twitter feeds, was the Gro Egg room thermometer.

I liked the simple design of it, the small size and its apparent simplicity. Essentially, the Gro Egg reads the temperature of the surrounding air (so don’t place it next to an open window or radiator!), gives you a digital reading but also softly glows: red – too hot, blue – too cold or yellow – just right. What could be easier to read than that?

When it arrived, I was really pleased that the Gro Egg was small, discreet and simply designed. All you have to do is plug in the power chord straight into your regular mains plug. It works instantly, giving a reading and glowing an indicative colour.

I couldn’t wait to get it by the cot bed in our room, to make sure we had everything ready and waiting for our imminent arrival.

gro egg review dribbleblog

Once our baby arrives, I’ll be reviewing the Gro Egg further to see how we get on and whether it’s genuinely a useful bit of kit (though I suspect it will be!).

Do you use a room thermometer? Have you tried the Gro Egg?



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