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Antenatal Appointment – Weeks 25 & 28

May 28, 2015 0

Once you’ve had your initial antenatal appointments and the excitement of the 20-week scan, it seems a while until you get to meet your baby again. In fact, in the UK, most couples’ next appointment with the midwife or GP will be at 25 weeks pregnant.

This appointment isn’t quite as exciting as the scans, but does give you the opportunity to listen to the heartbeat of your baby, which we were extremely excited about. The midwife will also take a pee sample and your blood pressure and ask how you are getting on with the pregnancy. It is your time to ask any questions or express any concerns you might have at this stage. You’ll also be advised to book onto antenatal classes and a tour of the hospital or birthing centre (if you are not having a home birth) around this time. Aside from that, there’s not much else to the 25 week appointment and you should be in and out in 20 minutes or so, if you have a low-risk pregnancy.

Your next appointment is 3 weeks later at 28 weeks pregnant. This was personally exciting for me, as it was the first time the midwife officially measured my bump. At this appointment you’ll give a pee sample again and have your blood pressure measured, but you’ll also be asked to give a sample of blood for testing. This is to test things like your iron levels. You’ll then be asked to lie down and the midwife will use a measuring tape to measure the size of your bump. They measure from the top of your pubic bone, to the top of your uterus (which is just above your belly button usually) and can then indicate if your bump is average or on the little or large size.

The midwife will then have a little feel around your tummy to see if she can ascertain the position of your baby. This doesn’t hurt as they don’t use too much pressure. Ours was head down on the left and legs up by my ribs (which I had suspected anyway). Again, it’s a time to ask questions and advice. This appointment is about 20 minutes too and your next one will be around the 31 weeks pregnant mark.

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