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Avocados are good for you

March 7, 2015 2

I’ve started to notice some significant growth in the little bump area this last 2 weeks – which I’m super happy and relieved about.

I had started to feel like nothing much was happening or changing and was even a little bit envious of other mums-to-be at this stage who seemed to have bigger bumps then me (silly I know!). 

But I now realised that EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT and everyone grows at their own rates. Each body is different and responds in different ways. That’s an important thing to remember.

So appetite is well and truly back, I’m definitely needing my maternity jeans now and live in leggings when at home. My boobs have settled and don’t seem to be growing that much any more and they’re not in agony either, which is nice! I lost another 1lb in week 15 and then stayed the same in week 16, so seem to be plateau-ing now. I am guessing I’ll start to notice the weight creeping back on from now one, but hopefully it’ll be just on the bump :-)

I’ve had more energy during the mornings and days, but very tired again by late afternoon. I’m getting a mix of really good nights sleeps and then some really broken. The midwife said this is totally normal and is a hormonal thing. Just means some days I’m more tired than normal.

Headaches are still there occasionally and it’s frustrating not being able to take Ibuprofen or anything like that, but they’re not too bad.

We’re on countdown to our next scan…eek! I’ll be 19 weeks pregnant by then and so excited to meet the little bean again. Fingers crossed all is ok.

I’m looking forward to the bump growing more, so that I don’t look like I’ve just had a big lunch and can actually start to show it off a bit. Wondering if I’ll get stretch-marks…so will wait and see…

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So that’s pretty much it from the last 2 weeks. How was weeks 15 and 16 of pregnancy for you?


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  • Jo Smith

    Don’t ask me – I had an awful pregnancy with both of mine – headaches, sickness, extreme tiredness lol! With my second though I was luck enough to feel things super early so at least I had a bit of a ‘nice’ feeling to counteract the ‘bad’! Great blog hun xx

    • Holly Wood

      Thank you Jo and sorry to hear you struggled with your pregnancies. Will check out your blog. x


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