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The Booking Appointment

January 23, 2015 0

After you’ve told your GP you’re pregnant, if you are deemed low-risk (as I was), then you’ll likely be told to make an appointment to meet your local Midwife.

Being based in Chorlton, my health centre has a weekly session where the midwives from Wythenshawe Hospital run a clinic. I booked in to see the midwife about a week after I met with my GP, when I was about 7 weeks pregnant. This appointment was just a chance to meet a reassuring face, who talked me through the next 7 months and the appointments I would have. It was also a chance to ask all of those questions that were buzzing around in my head at the time, like “can I exercise?”, “what pains are normal?” and “when will we be able to have our 1st scan?”.

This appointment lasted about 30 mins, was hugely reasuring and I was told I’d get a letter in the post detailing our Booking Appointment (usually around 10-11 weeks).

So about 3 weeks later, hubby and I made our way for our Booking Appointment with the Midwife. There are a team of midwives at the antenatal clinic I attend, so I knew it wasn’t going to necessarily be the same person every time. But this lady was just as lovely and reassuring as the first, so I knew we were in good hands.

With my appointment letter, I received a pregnancy booklet, which I’d need to take with me to every appointment throughout my pregnancy and would be referred to during labour. This details all my medical history, appointment history, blood tests, urine tests and eventually birthing plan (not a document to lose!). So at the appointment, we were mainly running through this to check that I was a healthy and happy person and if there were likely to be any risks along the way.

I also had some blood taken, so they could ascertain my blood-type (I’d had no reason to ever know before, but you might already know yours), just in case there was need for a blood transfusion during labour. They like to be prepared for all eventualities of course. They measured my height, weight and therefore BMI, as well as took a urine sample. I was told I’d get all the results of these at our 1st scan appointment (10 days later).

So yes, probably the most exciting part of the Booking Appointment and the bit that everyone is eager to get, is the date of your 1st scan! We were so anxious to have our scan so we’d know everything was ok and going to plan and so we could then start to tell people. That first 10-11 weeks seem the longest and there’s no tangible proof to tell you you’re pregnant (other than the sickness and exhaustion of course). Ours was scheduled-in for 10 days after our Booking Appointment, when I’d be approx 11.5 weeks pregnant. So exciting!

After about an hour of chat, questions and tests, we were on our merry way. Apparently the average Booking Appointment lasts 1-1.5 hours, so we were right on. Hubby wanted to come along and I of course was happy for him to as I think it’s always nice to share these steps if you can (particularly if it’s your 1st) and it’s great to have another pair of ears to listen in – it can be quite a lot of info for one person to absorb! So I’d recommend taking your partner, mother or best friend if you can – it takes the pressure off you remembering every last detail of info the midwife gives you.

So that’s my experience of the Booking Appointment. Hope yours goes well too!

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