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My Pregnancy, Pregnancy

I carried a Watermelon

August 7, 2015 0

At last! I can say those words, a la Baby from Dirty Dancing…”I carried a Watermelon”. I don’t think I’ll be gyrating on the dance floor with a Patrick Swayze-type any day soon though, as I feel massive!

So it was nice at 37 weeks to be finally considered “full term” and for it to be safe to have the baby etc. But these last few weeks have really dragged on, particularly as am now on maternity leave with not a lot to do. And you get the constant daily questioning from friends, family, neighbours…”any news yet?”. People mean well, but it’s the last thing you want to hear when you’re on countdown to meeting your little one isn’t it?

From 37 to 40 weeks of my pregnancy, I was in the maternity unit once a week for a scan, to check on the fluid levels around the baby (which they discovered a few weeks previously). They just wanted to keep an extra eye on me (separate post on that to come). So each Monday, we’d get to see our little bubba again (albeit a lot bigger than at the 20 week scan) and listen in to its heartbeat etc. This is always lovely and reassuring. Then we’d wait to have a chat with the Obstetrician about how the birth may go.

I was moved from a Birthing Centre to an Obstetrician-led birth, which, I will admit, did cause me some anxiety, but I’ve managed to get my head round. (Again, I’ll be writing a separate post on that shortly).

Aside from that, I’ve been eating like a horse and getting the acid reflux that comes with that. I think the eating is more out of boredom than anything, as I seem to have so much time on my hands, but such little energy to do anything productive with it. Which also means an increase in eating-out (particularly as me and hubby want to make the most of our last moments just the two of us).

And physically, I just feel like my bump can’t get any bigger! My belly is stretched to its capacity and feels heavy and a little itchy at times. My legs and knees ache and feel like dead weights when I try and walk any more than 100 metres. And I’ve definitely got the pregnancy “waddle” going on…joy! Plus, it’s difficult to sleep. I don’t seem to need to pee lots in the night, like I know lots of pregnant women do, but my hips cramp up and I find it tricky to turn over.

So all in all, at 39 + 5 weeks pregnant, I’m ready to meet this little one and getting impatient!

How did you feel in those final few weeks of pregnancy?




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