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Fetal Doppler – Hear your baby’s heartbeat

March 17, 2015 0

I think all hospitals are different, but at our antenatal appointments, we weren’t able to listen in to our little bean’s heartbeat. Some of my friends were able to at their scans, so I presume it comes down to equipment at each hospital (and good ol’ NHS budget).

Me being me, a bit of a worrier, I felt like we were missing out on this important part of pregnancy. It also seemed a lifetime between the first scan and the 20-week scan. So we thought we’d go online to see if we could buy our own fetal doppler – ie a piece of equipment to listen to our baby’s heartbeat. 

A quick search on Amazon and we came across the Sonoline B Professional Pocket Fetal Doppler and within minutes it was ordered.

The doppler is battery powered (AA), light weight and totally portable. Ours stays in the bedside drawer now. It it essentially a probe that’s a smaller version of the one used at your antenatal scans and it even comes with the special gel to put on your bump. It says it works from 10-12 weeks and we bought ours at 14 weeks pregnant and heard our little one’s heartbeat within about 20 seconds of searching.

The heartbeat is unmistakeable and the LED display of the doppler displays how many beats per minute. The speaker makes it clear to hear the wonderful sounds you’re searching for.

The fetal doppler meant we could enjoy that magical moment of hearing your baby’s heartbeat and it also reassured me that things were ticking-along nicely…literally. We now tend to check in on our little one once or twice a week (I try to make sure it doesn’t become a daily obsession!). It made the weeks between scans go a lot quicker!

I’d highly recommend purchasing a fetal doppler and can vouch for this one doing exactly what it says on the tin.

Have you used a doppler or any other techy items to keep in touch with your baby?



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