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Finding out I’m pregnant

January 15, 2015 0

So we’d made the decision to try for a baby while on a romantic holiday this year. We have spent the last few years enjoying being engaged, getting married and moving into the house of our dreams in Manchester. Not to mention getting a puppy and working bloody hard and building a new life in a new city.

It was important that we had some time as a couple, shared some experiences and created some memories. But we were both feeling the want for someone else to join our little family (me, hubby and Bobbi that is). We’d talked about it a lot, we’re both family-people and love kids, so it was inevitable that it’d happen some day. But we weren’t in a rush. Then when on holiday, we made the decision that I’d stop taking the pill, we’d both work on getting fitter and losing a bit of weight and start making the necessary steps (I don’t need to go into that!).

But when after one month of “trying”, I didn’t get my period, it seemed way too good to be true! I definitely didn’t think I was pregnant, my period must just be out of synch after so many years on the pill. Not a chance.

Then I was 2 days late, then 3 days late, then 4! And it was only on a trip down to London to see my girlies that I seriously started to think that this could be it…maybe we were that lucky and maybe I was preggers! Eek!

So I decided to take a test by myself and surprise hubby with the hopefully positive results. And that’s exactly what it was…positive! My stomach did a little flip when I saw those 8 letters and the biggest smile formed on my face. Now how to tell hubby!? It would be the longest day ever as I wasn’t seeing him till that evening, but I definitely didn’t want to tell him the good news by text or over the phone.

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And here’s how I did…

How did you find out you were pregnant?



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