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My Pregnancy, Pregnancy

How do you like your eggplant in the morning?

April 15, 2015 0

I was lucky enough to be on holiday during weeks 22-23 of my pregnancy, which turned out to be much needed rest and relaxation!

My bump had a bit of a growth spurt and generally seems more rounded and full. People are definitely noticing now. It’s a nice feeling to have a proper bump. The baby must be moving around a lot and my belly is fuller some days, so I guess this is due to the positioning of the little one. 

I’ve really noticed the aching and physical toll of pregnancy this week. Largely, I’ve been plodding along as normal and I think I need to start slowing down. We were quite active at the beginning of the holiday, walking lots and being on my feet and I was seriously knackered! So during week 23, I made a vow to slow down and let others look after me a bit more :-)

The baby is fidgeting lots and I’m feeling kicks and punches very regularly and clearly everyday. It’s such a lovely and reassuring feeling (even when it starts acrobatics when I’m trying to get to sleep). The weirdest and coolest thing that happened this week was my actually seeing the kicks/punches protrude from my belly for all to see. Such a strange sensation and the hubby was super shocked when he first saw it.

I’m looking forward to our 25 week appointment, to check in and make sure everything seems normal etc.

How did you feel at this point? Did you notice more aches and pains?

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