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How I told him I was pregnant

January 17, 2015 1

I was convinced I wasn’t pregnant! It seemed too good to be true, too soon and I wasn’t feeling any different.

But when my period was 3 days late, I did start to think it could be. Only thing was, I had period pains and a dull ache in my abdomen. So I went from day to day thinking my period was about to start and that I didn’t want to do a test because I didn’t want to be disappointed. Then on the 5th day, I was staying with one of my best friends and I hadn’t started my period. She persuaded me to do a test and because I thought I wasn’t, I didn’t mind doing one away from hubby.

10 minutes later, I stared at the word in front of me on the stick ‘PREGNANT’, jaw-dropped. Instant disbelief and excitement bubbled inside of me as the realisation dawned on me. But hubby wasn’t there!

Quickly, my friend and I devised a plan to announce it to my husband on my arrival home. We popped to a nearby independent shop that sold cards, trinkets and other bits and bobs. I was looking for something baby-ish, that I could wrap-up as a present for him. I found the perfect thing…the softest, plushest teddy bear. I also found a cool handmade card with “Hooray” on the front.

We went back, grabbed the positive pregnancy test, placed it in the teddy bear’s arms and wrapped it up. He wouldn’t suspect a thing…I’d just be bringing him a gift back from my trip to London.

6 hours later…the longest 6 hours EVER, I arrived home with butterflies in my tummy, barely able to conceal my excitement.

I ran straight upstairs as I was worried I couldn’t keep a straight face and called hubby up to help me while I unpacked. I nonchalantly threw his present at him and said it was a gift I’d picked up from Portobello Market. I carried on “un-packing” as he opened it. I looked over as he pulled out the teddy bear and realisation dawned on his face when he saw the test. He looked up at me, wide-eyed like Christmas had come early and ran over to hug and kiss me.

A moment I’ll never forget.

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Was your partner with you when you found out you were pregnant? If not, how did you tell them the good news?


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