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My Pregnancy, Pregnancy

I love a juicy plum

February 9, 2015 1

Week 12 was my favourite week so far in my pregnancy, mainly because we’d had our first scan so I was able to relax and I felt like we’d reached our first proper milestone. We were entering the second trimester…ooooh…

I was starting to feel more human again. My energy levels were slowly increasing and I wasn’t needing to sleep as soon as I got home from work anymore. Naps on weekends reduced too. My appetite was starting to return and as long as I ate regularly, the sickness seemed to be at bay. I was eating larger portions now too and finishing my plate of food for the first time in weeks.

What I would say is that I noticed that I really do need to eat regularly. If I skipped a meal or lunch was delayed, I really struggled. I mean I crashed quite significantly…my energy levels would deplete, I’d feel sick, queasy and low in sugar. The good thing was I had told my boss and some colleagues by now (as we’d had our first scan) and I was able to be honest about needing regular breaks and a proper lunch.

Headaches kicked in during week 12 of my pregnancy too. I read that this is due to hormones, but probably due to blood sugar levels too (another reason to keep grazing on food). As you’re only allowed to take paracetamol when pregnant, it was sometimes a struggle to shake the headaches and I’d have them all evening until I went to sleep. Not fun.

Physically, I was feeling the occasional twinge in my lower abdomen, almost a bit like a pulled muscle (but not as painful) and my lower back was starting to ache more regularly. Luckily my work are fab and had a special “pregnancy chair” that they rolled-out for me, which gave extra support and comfort while sitting at my desk. I tried to make sure I went for a walk at lunch time too, just to remain supple and try to feel like I’d got at least a bit of exercise.

Week 12 was when I noticed my jeans feeling snug and I wasn’t able to do up my top button, so I got my first pair of maternity jeans and lived in leggings the rest of the time.

When I was 12 + 5 days pregnant, we had our 2nd dating scan (as we were only 11 weeks when we had our first and they couldn’t do all the checks they wanted to), which was far more relaxed than the first and meant we got to meet our little bean again. It also meant we could show-off our photos and announce our pregnancy to the world.

You can read about the other weeks of my pregnancy too.

How was week 12 for you? Were you relieved to have made it through the first trimester?


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