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My Pregnancy, Pregnancy

It’s a Pomegranate!

April 5, 2015 0

Well this fortnight I’ve noticed that I’m energetic in the mornings, but struggling with long days and knackered in the afternoons.

During weeks 20-21 of my pregnancy, I’ve also noticed that I’m tossing and turning more in my sleep, so presuming I’m not as comfortable. I occasionally get slight stiffness or cramp in my hips, so have to keep moving and my pregnancy pillow is really coming in useful. I also find that sometimes, subconsciously, I go to stretch out in my sleep and when I do, my tummy cramps a bit so I have to stop myself. I’m guessing this is because the muscles are stretching etc, but it’s annoying when I’m half asleep and just fancy a good stretch!

My tummy is definitely growing and becoming more rounded. I find I’m wearing tighter tops to show this off, as looser tops just make me look frumpy and like I’ve ate one too many pies. And why shouldn’t I show off my bump?!

My boobs feel a bit itchy and I imagine this is because they’re growing, so I’ve been making sure to apply my Palmers Cocoa Butter everyday to keep them supple and moisturised and to hopefully avoid getting stretch-marks. I also apply this to my tummy.

I’ve noticed my mind is overrun with thoughts, feelings and questions and I think I’m starting to get symptoms of “baby-brain”. I think this might be a sign that I need to start thinking about slowing down in the run up to the third trimester.

We’re going away for a much needed break next week and I’m bringing along some girlfriends too. I think it’s going to be our last proper getaway before we have a little one to think about, so I’m very excited. It’ll be nice to chill-out and relax too and just enjoy being pregnant and I’m planning to swim everyday. I think this is a good time to go away as I’m not too big and uncomfortable so travelling shouldn’t be too strenuous and I’ve still got some energy left in me.

my pregnancy weeks 20-21 dribbloblog

How did you feel around this half-way mark?

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