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Mothercare Maternity Bras – review

January 23, 2015 0

One of the first things you may notice, when finding our you’re pregnant, is the rapid nature in which your boobs change!

I started to really notice mine around Week 8, when they ballooned in size, were fuller than ever and ached. My hubby was shocked at the rapid change, as was I, when I compared photos from a couple of weeks earlier. My regular bras no longer fit and the under-wiring felt restrictive and painful. But it felt too soon to be buying special underwear!

But it wasn’t! As soon as your body starts to change during pregnancy, you need to react to it and make yourself as comfortable as possible.

So at about Week 9, off I went to Mothercare, to take a look at their lingerie selection and see if I could find something that would relieve the agony I’d been feeling.

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Now my boobs were already a fairly hefty size pre-pregnancy, so I was worried they wouldn’t have the size I needed. But luckily I was wrong. I strolled along the shelves, occasionally looking over my shoulder in case anyone spotted me and realised my “secret” and was a little confused at the selection in front of me and the sizes.

I then noticed a helpful sign pointing out that Mothercare offer a maternity bra-fitting service. So off I went to find someone to help me. The lady was absolutely lovely and showed me to a private fitting room, where she proceeded to measure me. Then off she went, shortly returning with a selection of bras for me to try.

The first bra I tried was the ‘Blooming Marvellous Lace Support Maternity Bra‘ which comes in a pack of 2 (black and white). RRP £28.


This has no wiring, but thick straps and reinforcement that means everything stays in place. A winner for me! Plus black and white is a must in your bra drawer. This bra gives a good profile, lifts your boobs and has a lovely shape.

The next thing I wanted was a sleep bra, as even at night time, my boobs were agony and they felt so heavy, like they were pulling down on my chest! Luckily, Mothercare had just the thing…

Blooming Marvellous Lottie Wrap Bra‘ which comes in a pack of 2 (white polka dot and black). RRP £24.


These are probably my best purchase so far! They are soooooo comfy, soft and lovely to wear. They sit nicely across the boobs, hold everything in place and have no wiring or anything that digs in to stop you having a good night’s sleep. In fact, they’re so comfy, I often wear these during the day too!

Mothercare have a good selection of maternity bras in store, but an even better selection online (with a range of sizes). I’d definitely recommend checking them out and apparently, you’ll need to think about your sizing every 4-6 weeks throughout pregnancy (joy!).

What bras are you wearing through your pregnancy?


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