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Questions to ask your Midwife

April 4, 2015 0

When you find out your pregnant, your mind will be overrun with questions. I know mine was! But it’s important to make sure you feel relaxed and knowledgable about what is happening to you and what is going to happen to you, through this amazing process.

So don’t be afraid to ask questions! Write them down if you need to, so you remember to ask your midwife or GP.

Here’s just a few I thought of, but you might have more…


  • How much weight should I expect to put on during my pregnancy?
  • Can I/should I diet during pregnancy?
  • What happens if I lose weight?
  • What can’t I eat/what isn’t safe to eat?
  • What should I eat more of?


  • Can I exercise during pregnancy?
  • Are there any exercises I should avoid?
  • Is swimming ok?
  • Is sex safe? Are there any signs to look out for that mean we should stop?


  • Can I use fake tan or sun beds during pregnancy?
  • Is it safe to dye my hair?
  • Are massages recommended?
  • Is it safe to use a hot-tub, sauna or steam room?


  • Should I be taking any supplements throughout my pregnancy?
  • Can I take paracetamol, nurofen etc?
  • What over the counter medicines are safe/not safe?
  • What should I do if I start cramping, spotting or bleeding during pregnancy?
  • Are aches and pains normal? When should I call a midwife or doctor?
  • Do I need a flu jab?
  • What tests are available to me and my baby? What should I be thinking about?

The birth

  • What are my options for giving birth? (home birth, birthing centre, hospital etc)
  • Can I have a tour of facilities?
  • When I think I’m in labour, who should I call?
  • What should I do in case of emergency?
  • What pain relief will be available to me during birth?
  • What happens if I require a c-section?
  • How long should I expect to be in hospital for?
  • How long is the average labour?
  • When will my water breaks? What should I do if they break outside of hospital?


What were your questions or concerns?


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