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My Pregnancy, Pregnancy

The size of a Papaya

May 13, 2015 0

Weeks 24 to 28 of pregnancy has been a mixed bag really. It’s generally been fine but but I’m definitely starting to feel pregnant!

I’m super excited now and can’t wait to meet our little one and have about 3 months to go. My bump is growing, though I do seem to be smaller than some other mums-to-be and I’ve still only put on a few pounds, but I guess everyone is different. I just hope the little one is growing ok! I’ll be sure to ask the midwife as I’ll be measured this week for the first time so hopefully they’ll give me some guidance.

In week 25 I started to get what I think is pelvic girdle pain (also known as PGP) – again I’m going to ask the midwife this week. It seemed to come from nowhere and it’s becoming quite painful. It’s worse after I’ve been sat at work for a while or when I drive for instance and is quite painful when I then stand up or start walking. It feels like aching and pain in my pelvis and at the front. From what I’ve read on the internet, it doesn’t really go until you give birth, but you can manage the pain with restricting certain types of movements and light physio. I’m hoping that yoga will help and that it doesn’t become too painful over the next 3 months.

Otherwise, I’ve been sleeping well and have quite a lot of energy at the moment. I seem to wake up at about 7am every morning, even on the weekends, but as it’s light in the mornings, it’s not so bad. Think my hubby is surprised to be greeted with a “morning person” for once.

I went to my first pregnancy yoga class this week and I’m so glad I did. I found it really helpful and woke up the next morning feeling well rested. The class lasted 1.5 hours and was a good mix of stretching, yoga and meditation. It was really nice to meet other mums-to-be who live in the same area and see everyone’s bumps and find out how many weeks pregnant they are. The teacher also gave me options of how I could tweak the moves to not stress the pelvic girdle pain too.

I’m definitely getting into the nesting phase of pregnancy, where I just want to buy things and get on with the nursery. We have to wait a couple more weeks, as we are having some work done on the house, but am super excited to decorate and start putting together the nursery. It suddenly feels very real!

Hubby is super excited and enjoying the kicking from baby, which is stronger now and makes my tummy twitch quite a bit. Baby is also kicking my ribs too, which isn’t painful, but can be a bit uncomfortable at times.

So that’s how the last 3 weeks or so have been. Our 28 week antenatal appointment is this week, so will report back after that.

How did you feel at this stage of pregnancy?


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