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My Pregnancy, Pregnancy

Yummy kiwi fruit

February 10, 2015 0

Week 13 came with more energy, more hunger and a growing tummy!

I needed to be on my feet a lot this week, travelling up and down the country for work and although I was feeling more energised and not quite as exhausted, I was aching a lot and feeling the effects of longer days on my feet. I realised I need to break up weeks like this and make sure I get enough rest whenever I could. The pregnancy chair at work was helping when I was in the office.

I haven’t felt like I need to sleep as much this last week, but am struggling in the mornings, which is tough when it’s so cold and dark outside. Trying to make myself go to bed earlier.

The headaches are still coming occasionally and when they do, they’re pretty bad and leave me just wanting to lie down with my eyes shut. I’ve had 3 this week, so it’s not constant, but it’s tough when they kick in during the day.

One thing that is a real change is my insatiable appetite! Although I still don’t really enjoy thinking about food, I can’t get enough of it in my face! I’m almost constantly grazing on nuts and dried fruit, crackers and Ryvita crisp-breads. And when I eat meals, I’m polishing off a full plate (and sometimes going for seconds). It’s actually quite a nice feeling as I presume the little bean is taking lots of energy from me, so I want to pile it in (being as good as possible where I can). Despite that, I’ve maintained weight this week, but I think that’s probably normal and I should imagine I’ll start to gain from hereon.

My tummy is forming a small but pronounced bump, so I’m grateful for my maternity jeans and leggings and looking forward to getting a proper bump (and not just looking like i’ve packed in a bowl full of pasta).

Week 13 all in all has left me feeling marginally more human :-)

How was week 13 for you? Are you noticing a bump yet?

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