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ASOS Maternity Clothes Haul
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ASOS Maternity Clothes Haul
January 13, 2015 at 5:32 pm 0
Within the first trimester, at around 9 weeks into my pregnancy, I was already beginning to realise the importance of maternity clothes. Although you may not be officially "showing", if you're anything like me, you're feeling bloated and your skinny jeans and high-waisted skirts are no longer entirely comfortable. I must admit, pre-12 weeks did feel a bit early to start purchasing maternity clothes, however, that's what they're there for and you have to wear clothes almost all day, so it's important to be comfy! Plus, there's the wonderful phenomenon of online shopping, so you don't even have to venture out to the shops and risk someone seeing you in the maternity section and discovering your "little secret". (more…)
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