weeks 20-21

It’s a Pomegranate!
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It’s a Pomegranate!
April 5, 2015 at 5:29 pm 0
Well this fortnight I've noticed that I'm energetic in the mornings, but struggling with long days and knackered in the afternoons. During weeks 20-21 of my pregnancy, I've also noticed that I'm tossing and turning more in my sleep, so presuming I'm not as comfortable. I occasionally get slight stiffness or cramp in my hips, so have to keep moving and my pregnancy pillow is really coming in useful. I also find that sometimes, subconsciously, I go to stretch out in my sleep and when I do, my tummy cramps a bit so I have to stop myself. I'm guessing this is because the muscles are stretching etc, but it's annoying when I'm half asleep and just fancy a good stretch! (more…)
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